Corinne Manabat Cueva is a Filipina American independent media artist and filmmaker dedicated to creating thought-provoking and visually poetic media for social change and empowerment of those outside of mainstream media. She’s also committed to showcasing and preserving nuanced stories from the Asian American diaspora. Her latest work, Keeping It Creative, is a microdoc, part of Asian American Documentary Network’s Storytelling Initiative: Asian American Stories of Resilience and Beyond. Her speaking engagements include the Association of Asian American Studies, Brooklyn Museum, and New York University, and her previous works have been shown nationwide at film festivals, museums, and academia nationwide including Documentary Fortnight at MoMA NYC, CAAMFest, and Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Her most notable work, Why We Rise, is winner of the 2014 CAAM Fest Loni Ding Award for Social Issues Documentary and featured on the PBS Online Film Festival.


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